Welcome to RWW!

First, a few pieces of additional information.

In addition to this site, you can also find ReadWatchWrite on Facebook, and on Twitter at @RWWFilm.

Now back to the show! Where did RWW come from?

This all started with a desire to take screenwriting more seriously.

I knew the basics. I’d studied enough books to understand story structure – knew where the beats should fall in my script – understood what was generally accepted as proper formatting. Then I went and bought a copy of Final Draft, finished my first script and made the first cut in a contest.

But then the brakes went on. After a short while of wondering why people weren’t breaking down my door to buy my spec, I had to admit to myself that I wasn’t treating screenwriting like the career I want it to be.

It is, after all,  an art form – a craft – and I needed to be willing to put in the hard work. I knew that it would take years of effort – thousands of hours honing my skill –  if I was ever going to “make it”. And while all of that hard work wouldn’t guarantee that I’d have a career as a professional screenwriter – not doing it would guarantee that I WOULDN’T have one.

But where to begin?

Time and again, I’d heard variations of the mantra “Read lots of scripts, watch lots of movies, and always keep writing.” It’s the best way to grow as a writer, and that’s where the name for the site  – Read. Watch. Write – came from.

I decided to start with a challenge to myself – read a script a week for one year. I’ll read the screenplay, watch the film, reread the script, and jot down any thoughts I have along the way. A friend suggested that the journey might be worth blogging about – that others might be interested in hearing my thoughts – and a little bit later… here we are!

Let me be clear – I’m not pretending to offer any sage advice. I have never sold a script. I simply have a passion and have decided to give this thing my very best shot.

There will, of course, be more to the blog than just the 52-Script Challenge, all kinds of posts concerning film from a writer’s perspective. It’s going to be a living, breathing entity and it will evolve over time I’m sure.

Hopefully, people will find this journey interesting, and my hope is that some of you reading this might decide to come along for the ride as well!

– BMJ –

Read. Watch. Write.