Brad’s script analysis was exceedingly useful in helping me figure out what was and was not working with my script. His notes and input are backed by a laser sharp writer’s intuition for knowing, not only what a screenplay should look like on the written page, but what makes a good story, good characters, structure and everything else that comes in between. Simply put, Brad was vital in getting my script to where I thought it should be.  Every real writer knows that you get so immersed into your own writing that a trusted, second pair of eyes with a fresh perspective is invaluable and I feel quite fortunate to have met Brad and to have him on my side, helping me navigate the sometimes painful and tumultuous rewriting process from now on. If you are looking for notes on a script, you should seriously consider putting Brad on the job.
Michael Bekemeyer, Writer/Directer

I’m so proud of the hard work and continuous effort that my clients put into their scripts. From the look of it, the feeling’s mutual!

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