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Wes Craven: Master of Horror Scripts

RIP Wes Craven: 1939-2015

Last night we lost a master of horror when Wes Craven passed away at the age of 76. For many of us, Wes Craven was the creator of our nightmares as children; unleashing Freddy Krueger to haunt our dreams.

To honor him, I wanted to share the script for the original version of A Nightmare on Elm Street, but I couldn’t find a PDF of it (if you have one, send it my way and I’ll update this post!). So I decided to share a few other scripts to celebrate Wes Craven’s, his creative genius, and his wonderfully twisted visions.

So turn on the lights, sit back, and see how it’s done. Continue reading Wes Craven: Master of Horror Scripts