Pro Tips: Organize Your Work Space

The fine folks over at Omnipapers posted a great infographic earlier today about how to organize your work space as a writer. It’s full of helpful tips on everything from lighting, to the benefits of plants, and suggestions for must have gadgets.

With our modern world being the way it is, a lot of you might not want to take the time to peruse the entire thing, so here are the 5 biggest takeaways I got from it.

1) Daylight -vs- Lamps
The studies are in and it’s undeniable, if you work by daylight instead of cramped up in a basement with artificial light, not only will you feel better physically and mentally, but you’re going to be more productive as well.

2) Shelving, Shelving, Shelving
Get those books, folders, and loose papers off your desk and up onto a shelf. The more you can take off your desk, the easier it will be to organize your work space.

3) Prioritize Proximity
Even as you’re clearing off your work space, keep in mind how important the items your moving are. If you’re going to use them often after you’re done organizing your work space keep in them in a desk drawer right there. It not, move them to storage on the other side of the room so they’re out of the way entirely.

4)Do You Have a Smart Pen?
They look like a highlighter, but what they really are is a handheld scanner that can covert your handwritten notes, research text, or anything else you might fancy into digital files. No more piles of random paper to sift through!

5) The Non-Computer Zone
This was the biggest “a-ha” moment for me when reading this infographic on how to organize your work space. Creating a space in your office to sit comfortably and do work that isn’t related to your computer (reading, taking notes, whatever). Having that separate space to step away from technology and focus on what you need to is  a great idea and I’ll be implementing it as soon as I finish publishing this post!


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