25 Best Improvised Lines in Film…

Sitting down to watch all of these iconic lines is a great reminder. No matter how polished your script – no matter how great you think it is – always remember that film is a collaborative medium.

Trust in the people that you choose to work with – more often than not it will make your work that much better!



1 Week And Counting…

One week from tomorrow.

Monday, July 30th.

That’s when the 52-Script Challenge will officially begin with Good Will Hunting.

Robin Williams and his serious beard.

So what can you expect?

Well, the basic format is that I’ll read the script, then watch the film while referencing the script and taking notes, and finally give the script a third read post-viewing. Along the way, I’ll write about what I’m seeing and hopefully start a few discussions with anyone else that might be interested.

I also plan to do some Twitter chats and more information will be coming on that front soon. For now, it’s enough to say that you can follow me at @RWWFilm.

Thanks to anyone reading this for taking the time and interest to visit – there’s definitely going to be a learning curve with this project, so everyone’s patience is greatly appreciated.


Read. Watch. Write.


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