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Don’t Break The Chain in 2017!

Most writer’s have heard about Jerry Seinfeld’s method for constant productivity; to write something, anything, every single day. You string each day together, and pretty soon you’ve got an impressive chain of work that motivates you to keep going.

If you’d like to start your own chain, you can grab a FREE downloadable PDF below.

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Monday Script Share: Back To School Edition

It’s that time of year!

Kids start heading back to school today, and you can almost hear Sam Kinison screaming in their adorable, eager to learn, faces. To celebrate, I thought I’d use this Monday Script Share to present these five scripts that perfectly capture different aspects of the academic experience.

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Pro Tip: Doing Exposition Like A Boss

Nobody likes exposition

But when you have information that you just have to get across to the audience, what’s the best way to give exposition without completely killing the momentum of your story with a huge exposition dump?

Well thanks to the awesome team over at RocketJump Film School (along with a little inspiration from Kurt Russell‘s classic film Escape From New York), you can learn how to deliver tons of exposition (and stay out of movie jail) with this entertaining and informative video!

Spoiler: it involves everything from clothing, to props, to integrating the exposition into the drama of the story. Continue reading Pro Tip: Doing Exposition Like A Boss